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Handmade to Express Your Unique Voice

Mercure Pens unites the smooth elegance of beautifully polished wood with the natural, magickal beauty of crystals, gemstones, pearls, and other natural materials. Striving to uncover the potential of each piece, hours are spent shaping, sanding, and polishing each precious item by hand, and fitting it with its perfect companion gem. Whether you're looking for a unique piece of wooden jewellery or a special, magickal pen to craft spells and love letters (or simply to craft your grocery list) you will find one here that is as unique as yourself.

Mercure Pens is the work of penmaker, woodturner, and artist, Amanda Blacoe. Inspired by the beautiful shapes found in wooden chess pieces, architectural ironwork, and nature, each item is unique and handmade by Manda in her workshop, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Honduran Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

Detail of the dark and stormy grain within this rosewood ballpoint pen.